We are proud to introduce you to Authentic Roof—synthetic slate roof material that looks like natural slate but is lighter, more durable, and easier to install.

It’s also good for the environment.

These roof slates are…

Almost unbreakable

Authentic Roof will withstand the gale-force winds and strong hail storms we get in Australia. Watch this amazing demonstration of just how tough these roof slates are!

There is no stronger roofing system on the market!

Easy to install

Our slate is much quicker, easier and safer to install. If you know about proper roofing procedure and are working on a small project (like a gazebo), you might even be able to do it yourself. Find out more about installing this slate.

Very light

Our slate is about a quarter of the weight of natural slate per square metre. This means you won’t need extra roof support when you install it—saving you time and money.

Easy to maintain

The slates won’t split, fade or corrode. The surface is also designed to hide scratches and resist mould—your roof will look the same for decades after you install it. Find out more about these features.


This makes them perfect for a curved roof, Indonesian-inspired gazebo or pool house.

Don’t miss out!

Authentic Roof is perfect for our Australian climate—it withstands the heat, wind and hail. It’s the most beautiful choice for your home—and the most sensible.

Our stock is flying out the door. Contact us now.